Tuesday, September 17th


MADISON - Near an exhibit illustrating the heroism of Wisconsin National Guard soldiers who fought in the brutal Buna campaign during World War II, legislators on Tuesday announced a bill that would fund efforts to find missing service members from the state.

Among the more than 1,500 Wisconsinites missing in war zones are men who never came home from Buna, New Guinea.

If approved by lawmakers, the state would pay $180,000 annually to the University of Wisconsin MIA Recovery and Identification Project which has helped find and identify the remains of three service members killed in Europe during World War II. While those military members were from other states, the dedicated group of UW volunteers and researchers will begin concentrating on bringing Wisconsin MIAs back home.

Wisconsin would be the first state to pay for recovery missions of its fallen. 

Wisconsin Secretary-designee of Veterans Affairs Mary Kolar speaks Tuesday at a press conference at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum announcing legislation to fund the search for Wisconsin MIAs.